Your Freedom Loaf will last approximately 7 days, depending on the temperature & humidity of where you store it.  Here are my tips on how to get the most out of your loaf


  • Slice up the entire Freedom Loaf on its first day.  Store one half in a sealed container in the cupboard or fridge.  Store the other in a sealed container in the freezer.  Once you've finished the batch stored in the cupboard / fridge, you can pull out what you need from the freezer each day, toast it, and you're good to go!

Sliced Freedom Loaf


  • It's slightly easier to slice up the Freedom Loaf if you flip it on it's top (the widest part) 

  • Using a good serrated bread knife also helps, especially if you're aiming for thinner slices. 

  • The Freedom Loaf is really good toasted.  It's yummy au naturale, but you've gotta try it toasted too.