The Midnight Baker came from a love of baking treats late at night & a desire to enjoy food in it's most natural, nutritious form; without having to worry about an adverse allergic reaction or eczema flare ups.


Having struggled with eczema my whole life & being given skin thinning cortisone & steroid creams to treat the symptoms but not the root cause,  I decided to make changes to my diet & lifestyle.  My aim was to heal from the inside out.  I gave up gluten, dairy, alcohol & refined sugar and began researching new ways to prepare, preserve & cook food.


I was determined good wholesome bread would still be a part of my life and after much research & experimentation the Freedom Loaf was born.  Once ready I began to share it with friends & family.  With the support of my community I've been able to grow from a one woman late night side project to a small team and bakery / cafe space.  


Our aim is provide healthy & delicious food and to engage in the wider conversation around what we're eating and how this affects our physical & mental wellbeing.  If you've tried the Freedom loaf, we hope you've enjoyed it.  If not, we hope we get to share some with you soon.